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Stucco Remediation Glenside PA

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Glenside PA Stucco Remediation


Stucco is a material found in many older buildings and homes. Because stucco is absorbent, if the material gets too wet or remains wet for a period of time, the flashing can fail and the stucco will have to be repaired. Homeowners can avoid the hassle of stucco remediation following a failure and replace the surface with improved siding products.


Why You May Need Stucco Remediation in Glenside PA

Inadequate sealing around windows, doors, and surface joins can result in water getting into the wall system. This penetration gradually causes the material to fail. Poor stucco application practices can also introduce fundamental instabilities into the wall system.


Fix Problems the Right Way with Stucco Remediation in Glenside PA

Although a new stucco finish can be applied after failure is detected, this does not actually solve the problems associated with the material. The same situation could develop again in the future, which would require another round of restoration. For this reason many homeowners are looking for better solutions. Today’s contractors recommend replacing stucco with siding products made from vinyl or fiber cement because these do not fail as a result of water absorption.


Upgrade your Stucco to a More Durable Material!



Benefits of Stucco Remediation Glenside PA


Stucco Remediation must be taken very seriously.  If problems are ignored, major issues can occur to your home.  Homeowners should consider taking advantage of stucco remediation in Glenside PA, by upgrading the materials used on their homes. Materials like Vinyl and fiber cement siding have a number of important advantages to homeowners. The below lists shows the benefits of using such materials over Stucco


  • Water resistance
  • Highly rated impact resistance
  • Fade-resistant coloration
  • Resistance to cracking and peeling
  • Attractive grain texturing
  • Easy installation
  • Lasting quality


Both fiber cement and vinyl siding products are available in a wide range of attractive colors to suit any home. Siding can be placed on porch overhangs, gables, and other architectural features for even more options. Most siding products require little to no upkeep, so homeowners will not have to worry about failures many years down the road.


Stucco Remediation Glenside PA- Consider Upgrading From Stucco


For many reasons, homeowners are moving away from stucco surfaces and opting for more hassle-free solutions. If you would like to explore siding products for your home, contact Buxmont Roofing, LLC at 215-792-4540.


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